MR CHAN YIP HEI 陳業禧 大律師 陈业禧 大律师
Call 2016 認許 2016 认许 2016


  2526 6182 (Secretary: Ms Polly Yeung)

Professional Qualifications

  • Call (Hong Kong): 2016

Education and Awards

  • P.C.LL.
  • J.D.
  • B.A., University of Hong Kong (1st Class Honours) (Dean’s Honours List)


C.Y.H. maintains a busy civil practice. He is frequently instructed in matters concerning regulation, licensing, and compliance under Cap. 615 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance. He is familiar with online fraud and underground banking cases, repeatedly instructed to defend money exchangers / remittance agents and conduct review proceedings in the Review Tribunal.

Of particular note is his advocacy and advisory work in disciplinary proceedings acting for the complainees / defaulters, such as the Medical Council, the Chinese Medicines Board, the Veterinary Surgeons Board, the Hong Kong Police Force, the Insurance Agents Registration Board, and the Estate Agents Authority.

Acting for aggrieved claimants, he recovered their substantial loss by making contractual claim against landed property developer, professional negligence claim against solicitors’ firm, and medical negligence claim against dentist.

On the criminal side, in the first year of his practice, in a jury trial in High Court, C.Y.H. defended his client against ketamine trafficking indictment. In 2016 and 2020, he was respectively instructed to advise in two unrelated high-profile murder cases. He conducted legal visit and bailed a suspect (allegedly connected to the Chan Kam Shing case) out of police station.

He has a wealth of experience in defending and advising in a broad range of regulatory offences which are of immense difficulty and technicality, some of which attracted notable publicity.

As sole counsel, he defended in long fraud trial and other cases of high complexity in facts and law. On his own, he is also repeatedly instructed to conduct magistracy appeals.

During his stay in New College, Oxford University, he was a student of Prof. Patricia Sellers and studied advanced international criminal law under her tutelage.

Selected Cases

  • C. v. R. (HCMP 1080/2021) – applying under The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction against a parent who wrongfully removed the family child out of jurisdiction
  • Chan Ting-ting v. Zhang Qingrun & Ors (HCA 727/2020) – discharging injunction attached to an account receiving dissipated funds
  • Advantage Tankers LLC v. Honestar Electronics Limited (HCA 377/2021) – applying for proprietary and Marvea injunction on behalf of email fraud victim
  • Universal Exports Group ltd v. Zechin Technology Co Ltd (HCA 2613/2016) (CACV 52/2017) – resisting continuation of Mareva injunction and appealing against first instance judge’s case management decision
  • Singh Chamkaur v. Ma Chi Kan t/a Kan Tat Engineering & Building Material (DCEC2652/2015) (DCPI 2646/2016) – claiming for plaintiff and applicant who suffered serious eye injuries under employees’ compensation claim and common law claim
  • Kaur Paramjit v. Li On Na & Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board (DCEC 1479/2012) – setting aside regular judgment which had been entered against employer 4 years ago

Selected Publications

  • Y.H. Chan (2013, 08 04). “A New Shenzhen-Hong Kong Border Control Measure”. Border Criminologies, the Centre of Criminology, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.
  • Y.H. Chan (2013, 08 03). “Transsexual Persons Can Get Married in Hong Kong in a Year’s Time”. Oxford Human Rights Hub, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford. Re-published in print in the First Annual Anthology “Global Perspectives on Human Rights: Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog 2012-13” (May 2014)
  • Y.H. Chan (2013, 07 22). “Latest Development in Hong Kong Non-Refoulement Policies”. Border Criminologies, the Centre of Criminology, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.
  • Y.H. Chan (2013, 06 13). “Why did the NSA whistle-blower choose Hong Kong?”. Border Criminologies, the Centre of Criminology, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.
  • Y.H. Chan (2013, 05 27). “Infant milk formula trading in Hong Kong”. Border Criminologies, the Centre of Criminology, the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.


  2526 6182(秘書:楊小姐)


  • 認許年份(香港):2016


  • 法學專業證書
  • JD
  • 香港大學文學士(一級榮譽) (院長名譽錄)








他在牛津大學跟Prof. Patricia Sellers學習國際刑事法。






  2526 6182(秘书:杨小姐)


  • 认许年份(香港):2016


  • 法学专业证书
  • JD
  • 香港大学文学士(一级荣誉) (院长名誉录)








他在牛津大学跟Prof. Patricia Sellers学习国际刑事法。